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No trace of poop!

Clean and safe spaces.

Regain peace of mind

Total hygiene without effort.

Impeccable coexistence

Professional cleaning of canine feces.

Dog Poop Cleanup Service in Las Vegas

We are a company specialized in dog poop cleaning services. We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment for your community and pets. Our main objective is to provide an efficient and reliable service, eliminating dog poop responsibly and ensuring the hygiene of public and private spaces.


In our company, we are committed to providing dog poop cleaning services that contribute to the welfare of people and animals. Our mission is to keep spaces free of pollution, promoting a safe and clean environment for all. We work with responsibility and dedication to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and the health of the community.


Our vision is to be leaders in the field of dog poop cleaning, recognized for our excellence and commitment to quality. We aspire to raise awareness about the importance of proper cleaning and to be references in the promotion of a harmonious coexistence between pets and the environment. We seek to establish lasting relationships with our clients, based on the trust and effectiveness of our services.


In our company, we are governed by a set of core values that guide our actions and relationships:
1. Responsibility: We are committed to performing our services responsibly and punctually, ensuring a clean and safe environment.
2. Quality: We seek excellence in every job we do, guaranteeing impeccable results and the satisfaction of our customers.
3. Respect: We value respect for people, animals and the environment in all our actions and decisions.
4. Ethics: We act ethically and transparently in all our interactions, maintaining confidentiality and compliance with rules and regulations.
5. Commitment: We are committed to providing a reliable and quality service, exceeding the expectations of our customers in each visit.


We have a team of trained professionals committed to cleaning dog poop. Each member of our team has been carefully selected and has experience in responsible waste management. We work with efficiency and attention to detail to ensure thorough cleaning and maximum care of the environment. Our team is committed to the satisfaction of our customers and the preservation of hygiene in public and private spaces.








We offer a variety of dog poop cleaning services to suit each client’s needs. Some of our services include:

  • Regular cleaning of public and private spaces.
  • Cleaning of patios and gardens.
  • Cleaning of parks and recreational areas.
  • Cleaning of sidewalks and roads.
  • Cleaning of community areas and condominiums.
  • Cleaning of canine areas and dog parks.
  • Cleaning areas around homes and businesses.


We offer dog poop cleaning services at competitive and transparent prices. We understand that each client has different requirements, so our prices are adjusted depending on the size of the area to be cleaned, the frequency of service and other relevant factors. Contact us for a personalized quote and fair to your specific needs.

Prices start at $12 / week



2 Dogs


3 Dogs



These testimonials are just a sample of the satisfaction of our customers. We work hard to exceed your expectations and maintain a reputation for quality and excellence in our dog waste cleanup services.

Hiring the service of MR DOG LV has been an excellent decision. They are punctual, efficient and leave the spaces impeccable. 100% recommended!

– Maria G.

I am very happy with the work done by the cleaning team. They have transformed our community into a cleaner and safer place for everyone. Thank you for your professionalism!

– Alejandro R.

I can’t express how happy I am with the housekeeping. They have solved a recurring problem at our dog park, keeping it clean and enjoyable for everyone. They are true experts at what they do!

– Laura M.

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